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Nascent Education Foundation

Nascent Education Foundation, approved by the Ministry of Education, Nepal, and a Member of ECAN and TITI Certified COUNSELOR, is a premier consultancy specializing in facilitating opportunities for students aspiring to study in India. Established with the vision of providing comprehensive educational information, the foundation ensures Nepalese students are competitive in the modern world. Nascent Education Foundation offers a range of services, including educational consultancy and career guidance, preparing students for their educational journeys. By assisting with placements in top educational institutions globally, the foundation provides the necessary resources and support for academic success. Committed to innovation, it meets the evolving needs of students seeking higher education, establishing itself as the best option for Nepalese students.

consultancy services


Nascent Education Foundation provides a range of consultancy services.

Course Counseling

We offer course counseling for students aiming to study in India, ensuring they receive guidance in choosing the right field and universities. By focusing on specific career goals, we support students in selecting the best path for their academic and professional success.

Career Counseling

Want to study in India? Receive top-notch career counseling from Nepal's leading educational consultancy. We specialize in guiding students seeking admission to the best colleges in India, offering expert career advice to help you achieve your academic and professional goals.


In recent years, we've helped numerous students secure scholarships in India, including Study In India (SII), Indian Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR), COMPEX, Homi J Baba, and others. Our committed team will assist you in completing scholarship applications effectively and successfully.


As Nepal's leading educational consultancy, we aim to facilitate students' admission to leading Indian institutions, whether government or private. With our guidance, you can choose the right course and we'll support you through every stage of the admission process.

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